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Personal data privacy:

Your personal data belongs to you exclusively, and this website shall not reveal any information of your property (such as e-mail, IP numbers, etc.), except when expressly authorized to do so, or due to lawful force majeure events that implicate it, such as hacking or identity theft.

Liability over published opinions:/strong> is liable over published products. Visitors are liable for the comments they publish, and should any of them violate the code of conduct they shall be deleted without waiting for their consent.

Personal data safety:

This website is responsible for caring about your safety, for the privacy of your information, and for respecting your data, in accordance with the limitations of the Internet nowadays, being aware that we are not exempt from suffering attacks by crackers or ill-intentioned users who commit cybercrimes.

Obtainment of your information:

All personal data collected by this website is provided by you while exercising your free will. The information stored on this site is limited to basic data entered via contact forms, comments or similar.

Use of the information:

By providing us your personal data, thereby agreeing to this Privacy Policy, you authorize us to use your information in the following manner: a) for the purpose for which it has been provided; b) for consideration as part of our traffic statistics, thereby increasing our advertisement and market offer; c) for better targeting of the services offered by the site in order to fit your criteria; and d) for e-mailing our newsletters, responding inquiries or comments, and keeping our users informed.

Use of  cookies:

The use of cookies and your IP address, collected by this website, is only for the purpose of providing a website that suits your local preferences (such as web browser used, operating system, ISP, etc.). “Cookies” enable the provision of content that is tailored to the interests and needs of our users/visitors. Third-party cookies may also be used on this Weblog, such as that of advertisers or their advertisements, with the sole purpose of providing additional information or that which is relevant to User Navigation of this Website.

Revisions to our Privacy Policies::

The website reserves the right to modify, amend, alter, add or delete any term of this document at any time and without prior notice, staying informed about it for the proper management of your information being your sole responsibility.

Statistics and other associated websites

Several cookies are necessary for the proper functioning of this website, both from the website itself and from our suppliers (as stated above) and either stored on your device or via the use of some script.

Cookies used are only stored on your device for statistical purposes, omitting data that may result in the collection of important information.